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    4 Steps To Breakthrough Ideas

    An excellent article from @fastcompany 

    Chris Gentile a former nuclear power plant engineer turned toy maker provides a refreshing approach to innovation and problem solving.

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    — 2 years ago
    Road Runner innovators will always beat Wile E. Coyote bureaucrats

    Excellent metaphorical article using the cartoon characters to symbolize the creativity and flexibility of the roadrunner vs. the slow to respond coyote.

    Great read for a Friday

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    — 2 years ago
    The Global Leadership Summit

    @leadershipfreak (Dan Rockwell) shares some of the highlights from the conference.  These thoughts will inspire the leader that lives inside of each of you.

    Happy Friday!

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    — 2 years ago
    7 Ways to ReWire Your Brain and Become a Better Leader

    Excellent points from @jesselynstoner

    It really comes down to retraining your emotions so you will “act” and not just “react”.  I especially like her point about “checking your breathing” when things get tense - excellent advice for any stressful time.

    — 2 years ago
    When Talent Defeats « Leadership Freak →

    More good thoughts from @leadershipfreak

    I especially like the summary of team player attributes - if you are putting a team together and have some freedom of choice on assembling your players, keep these points in mind.

    — 2 years ago
    Starbucks: There Is No Such Thing As Unskilled Labor

    Excellent article and insight from Steve Denning.  When we build a climate and culture of customer service, every employee regardless of salary is equally important to the success of our business.

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    — 2 years ago
    "Switching off from the 24/7 work ethic"

    Thoughts from Bob Dorf @bobdorf - he had me with this one, "…will anything really bad happen between 5 p.m. and 6 a.m. if I turn my back on my inboxes completely?"

    To think that not being connected may actually make you more productive is a bit counter-intuitive, but none-the-less true.

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    — 2 years ago
    "Leadership Lessons Learned from Nature"

    Excellent insights from @mjasmus

    Connecting with nature can leave you feeling grounded, part of the larger whole, and filled with an understanding of your purpose.

    Take a break from the office, and take a hike!


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    — 2 years ago
    To Lead More Effectively, Increase Your Self-Confidence

    HBR poses the question and gives what I think is the best possible response:  ”the answer lies within you.”

    How would you answer these questions about yourself:

    "What do you do well?"
    "Why should people follow you?"
    "What have you done to earn the trust of others?

    The answers to these questions are good indicators of your level of confidence and your ability to step up and lead. 

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    — 2 years ago
    "Unrequested criticism is like a drive-by shooting"

    Another great tag line from @leadershipfreak

    Dan gives several tips for providing truly constructive criticism.  He recently did a post on “how to receive criticism like a pro” and a reader suggested he write something for those who give the criticism.

    When you read his post, take time to read through the discussion at the bottom - there are some great comments.

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    — 2 years ago